Want to Fly with a COLAB plane ? Read this please !

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Want to Fly with a COLAB plane ? Read this please ! Empty Want to Fly with a COLAB plane ? Read this please !

Message par BRUNO le Sam 17 Jan - 15:54

Dear enthusiastic pilots,
Over these 20 last years, which have lead us into the third millenary, and after the obtention of our first patent in Europ and the US, the colab team has patiently organized itself around his conceptor with a frame of conduct:”the knowledge has to be shared”.
During this existing and fertile period, brought out by meeting great names of the aeronautic field, the team has compiled, analysed and experimented all economicals aspects summarized as the concept:”COLAB SYSTEMS FLYING FACILITIES”.
Today our first step of matching the theoritical implication of the H.FERRIER is achieved and the performances have overcome by far the original wishes.
As a matter of fact, according to all observers and experimentators, the COLAB CONCEPT set forthward a brake and a major projection in applied aerodynamic-mechanic along with a high saving of fabrication and exploitation cost.
To summarize, applied to light and ultralight aircraft the colab COLAB MODULAR WING allows to match together: “the glide path of a glider, the gross weigth of a motor craft, and the safety of a parachute”.
The colab concept team which links in a same goal physicists,mathematicians and ingeneers, puts at disposal of anyone who wishes to experiment and build the aircraft of his dreams,his know how and his advises trougth the forum and personal contacts with the conceptor himself or anybody of the team.
Every amator: builder is able to perform at every scale the design and the fabrication of his own colab without any fear to interfere with an existing patent as our way is a copy left regime, except for business developments due to patents.
This web site is an evolutive one which will grow according to future development and experimentation, excepted for some special requirement of our licenced companies.
We do thank every person who has believed in a dream and has supported us by their contribution and their knowledge.
We do wish to all those who want to fly different, to be faithfull with themselves by proving, through their realisations, that there is no limit to imagination except the one of their own will. Wink

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